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About Us

About Us


Angkor Journeys was created and is led by a Cambodian woman, Kanha.  She is a state school teacher as well as a licensed tour guide.  Kanha was born into a farming family in 1980s in Siem Reap province about 10km away from the town of Siem Reap.  Her parents were separated when she was 3 years.   At that time Kanha’s mother became the breadwinner for the family.  Despite her family’s difficult circumstances and hard life, Kanha always encouraged herself to work hard and move forward in life.

Kanha completed Samdach Ouy High School (located near the Siem Reap airport) in 2003.  She then passed the exams to begin her studies as a secondary school teacher of Khmer Literature in Battam Bang province. Two years later she became a teacher.  As education is very important to Kanha, she continued to university studying English Literature at Build Bright University (BBU) in Siem Reap.  Through her commitment and hard work, she received a scholarship for her university studies from Journeys Within Our Community (JWOC is a US-based nonprofit organization).  While studying she volunteered assisting with JWOC’s community service projects 5 hours per week.  She was involved in 2 of JWOC’s projects:  first as a microfinance officer and then as a clean water officer.  Also while she was studying at BBU she worked as an assistant for the Japan International Cooperation Agency’s (JICA) Water Supply Expansion project study team and as an official tour guide in her spare time and during school holidays. 

Kanha graduated from University in 2010 and now dedicates her time to her tour guide and teaching jobs.  Her goals for her website are to keep in contact with her tour clients as well as to share her knowledge and experience of Cambodia to those interested in visiting her country.  She cherishes the opportunity to share her smile with all visitors so that they feel welcome and at home.  Many of Kanha’s former tour clients have maintained a connection with her and readily recommend her tour guide services to their friends and family.

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Contact us by phone :  +1 503 941 88 28/ whatsApp+85512 256 613/+1503 941 88 28. Email : kanhareath@gmail.com